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ABOUT is the official website of RMHS Global with a goal to HELP our school and its needy students.

This is also a social network strictly for Ramon Magsaysay High School Alumni and Faculty only. 


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We wish to announce that we have a new Chairwoman for RMHS GLOBAL, INC. for the year 2016-2018.

Congratulations and Welcome to Mdm. Chairwoman Sophia Arzadon ('73)

It is with great pride that we shall be working together for the RMHS community, members, friends & benefactors alike.

Let us join hands in making the coming years full of wisdom, with open hearts to serve our community wherever we may be in the global arena suffused with the spirit of change.

We wish to announce further that we have a Reelected President for RMHS GLOBAL, INC. for the year 2016-2018.

Congratulations and Welcome again to Mdm. President Emelita Ediza Woods ('73).

An energetic and wholesome leader like a sister and mother to us all. Let us journey hand-in-hand and make all things possible.

We call on the entire global membership and friends alike to the call of wisdom towards a future of productivetransformation for the community and nation as whole.

We would like thank our past Chairwoman Dr. Arlyn Valencia for her utmost honesty and professionalism in the short span of time in our top leadership.

She has been a great voice in giving professional advice both in medical field and within our organizational prerequisites. A lady with a golden voice, and a good mother to her growing children.

She will continue being with us among our Board of Trustees and render professional advice within her acumen for all organizational activities. is the official website of RMHS Global with a goal to HELP our school and its needy students.

You can send your Leadership Fee (for the Leadership Team) and donations for all members to:

Paypal thru


C/O Emelita Woods
2280 Hurley Way, #63
Sacramento, CA 95825

Maraming salamat po!


Dear Monsay colleagues,

A few days ago, the and RMHS Global Leadership emailed you to introduce ways we could help support these social websites and our projects for our Alma Mater.

We would like to introduce to you our new sponsor, Blue Dreams USA.

Blue Dreams USA is owned and operated by our own multi-talented alumna, Imelda Roberts and her husband, Jeff. Based in Frederick, Maryland, it is a farm with many nature-inspired hand-made gifts produced and sold at their Gift Shop. Check this Facebook page for details:

This holiday season, let us make our gift-giving easy and exciting with the many unique gifts that we can find in their catalogue. These can easily be ordered and delivered to your yourself or your loved ones! The good news for us, Monsayers, is Blue Dreams USA and Ate Imelda have been a consistent supporter for a number of projects we have. Helping them in their campaign will be beneficial for us, too. So please take this opportunity to order early and avoid the holiday shopping rush!  Visit their website at:

We also take this moment to wish you Happy Holidays and may our Lord God bless us with a more safe and prosperous 2016!

Mga Ka-Monsay! Here's the latest Special Offers from True North Travel & Tours (TNT)! Remember, for every successful booking RMHS Global gets a donation of $10 so dito na tayo!!!

 A Message from one of our Major Sponsors, True North Travel & Tours (TNT):



As Founder and outgoing Chair, I am personally pleased and thrilled with the results of the Board of Directors' election recently held through secret electronic ballots. In accordance with the RMHS Global’s Bylaws, the election was successfully completed in time for June 1st deadline, with officers serving their new roles effective July 1, 2014.

Congratulations to the new Leadership Team! The unanimous votes for all nominees for RMHS Global key leadership positions reflect the strong confidence everyone has for newly elected members of the Board of Directors. I am pleased to announce the following:


The new Leadership Team will be led by the highly respected, capable and talented Dr. Arlyn Valencia of Las Vegas, USA, as the Chair of the Board of Directors. Dr. Valencia has shown tremendous support, passion and dedication since her appointment as Regional Director and Ambassador for USA. With her qualifications, strong leadership experience, energy, enthusiasm and integrity, I share the Board of Directors’ confidence in her ability to lead and take RMHS Global to the next level.


 With us leading the team to accomplish our mission to HELP is Alfredo Teocson of Middle East as Vice Chair and Director of Livelihood Program. A loyal dedicated officer, Alfredo has been with RMHS Global since its inception. His historical knowledge, wisdom and continued leadership are vital to this organization. In this role, Alfredo will ensure the integrity of our Bylaws, provide assistance in the oversight of RMHS Global’s processes, and play a key role to move forward livelihood programs in his dual role as Director of Livelihood Programs.


We are very pleased to see the appointment of Emelita Woods of California, USA, as RMHS Global’s President replacing outgoing President Ernie Esplana. As former Secretary-Treasurer of RMHS Global we have seen Emelita’s integrity, passion, positive energies, hardwork and true dedication to RMHS Global. With her on the helm of leadership on the operational side of the corporation as its new President, her knowledge of RMHS Global and willingness to take on responsibilities over and beyond her position has been tremendous. We are looking forward to RMHS Global to continue and surpass other goals we have set in health, livelihood and education programs under her Presidency.


SOPHIA ARZADON, BEBOT GALVAN-LAYUG AND TERESA BERMUDEZ-VICTORA - VICE PRESIDENTS  I am also happy to announce the appointments of key leaders as Vice Presidents in a number of core areas important to RMHS Global. Partnership is one of our key values. Sophia Arzadon (California, USA), Vice President of Partnership, will be the lead person in expanding RMHS Global and presence, including finding other opportunities for partners. In the last two years, RMHS Global has seen tremendous energy through the leadership of Bebot Layug-Galvan (Philippines) as Regional Director for Philippines. It is with great appreciation of her accomplishments that Bebot has been appointed to Vice President, Program Implementation. She will lead the implementation of various programs in the Philippines in her new capacity as VP.

Membership development through various means including social media, Facebook and will now have a new Vice President. The appointment of Teresa Bermudez-Victoria of Canada, as RMHS Global’s Vice President for Membership, Development and will leverage and expand outreach through its almost 8,000 members in With only 50 members when we first started, the growing membership of over 3000 in Facebook and almost 8,000 members in will remain an important core program as a global network organization. We hope through Teresa’s leadership that RMHS Global will remain a global force with unity of purpose to HELP the RMHS Community.

REGIONAL DIRECTORS AND PROGRAM DIRECTORS  The heart and face of what we do is vested in the hands of our Regional and Program Directors. RMHS Global's presence is felt because of the ambassadors in each region and program directors who plan and execute creative programs under limited budget. We are also excited about new members in our leadership team with the appointment of Nelia Layug-Cristobal as Regional Director for Philippines, and Josephine Bragado-Ramos as Director of Publicity and Communications. Together with Robert Andres, RMHS Global Special Projects Director, the RMHS Global Philippines will remain a vital hub of operations through their leadership.

For the last two years we have seen RMHS Global’s success due to program directors dedication, including those who are in other regions of the world. Congratulations and thank you to Eula Buan-Stein of Canada, Director of Education and Cultural Programs, Fidel Castillo and Josephine Corrales-Osil, Regional Directors for Middle East, and Richelle Maganda of South Korea, Regional Director for other countries in Asia for their willingness to continue the legacy of helping the RMHS Community.


 Under the new leadership starting July 1st, I am confident the new Leadership Team will build upon RMHS Global’s successes and partnerships created during the last two years. The past two years were challenging. It was a period of formation and setting a foundation for a strong organization marked by increased membership of only 50 members to almost 10,000 through the transfer of to RMHS Global. Establishing integrity while creating visibility, strong expanded outreach and membership, partnership as well as opportunities to help was our mandate. We hope under limited resources and our own creative ways we were able to help. Thanks to everyone for their assistance during these times.

The appointment of new members of the RMHS Global’s Leadership Team is a commitment to continue RMHS Global’s mission to implementing vital HELP programs, build upon what has been accomplished, ensure RMHS Global’s sustainability, vitality and upheld its mission and vision to HELP. Together, this team will continue to attract and recruit for various positions resulting from promotions of current program and regional directors. Expanding opportunities to HELP and ensure a healthy outlook for RMHS Global through financial stability, partnerships and expanded memberships will be the focus of the new leadership team. Ultimately, its goal is to make an impact in the health, livelihood, education and partnership programs, especially those who are most in need of HELP.

Soon, the new Leadership Team will be busy planning new programs. Likewise, we hope to see new faces through the recruitment of Regional Directors for the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Other positions are also available and when they are announced, please extend the spirit of volunteerism by supporting our new team.


As RMHS Global’s Founder it was a great opportunity to be a part of history through the formation of RMHS’ first global community and to continue my role as its Founder. Though I will be behind the scene giving way to the new Leadership Team, I remain present with my continued support. Please accept my sincere thanks to all of you for giving me your generous time and unrelenting support. The programs we accomplished together happened because of your dedication to our cause. So, thank you everyone!

I also want to thank Ernie Esplana, Outgoing President and Apollo Bala, Outgoing Vice President of Program Implementation for assisting me in this important nomination process. Thank you also to Johnny Pecayo, outgoing Vice President of Partnership for all his contributions. All outgoing officers expressed continued support for RMHS Global. In accordance with the Bylaws, some positions will remain nonvoting members and advisers under RMHS Global’s Board of Trustees

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you for a job well done. It has been a tremendous pride to work besides you. The incredible support and dedication you provided from the Habagat to Yolanda initiatives and other programs in between were truly heartening. God bless you and your family for your generous service!

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, all of us are excited about the new Leadership Team and we wish everyone much success as you move forward in RMHS Global’s mission to HELP.

Please join me in extending our support and warmest congratulations to RMHS Global’s New Leadership Team!


Imelda Roberts, Founder

RMHS Global


Dear RMHS GLOBAL Friends and Supporters:

Recently, RMHS Global conducted an outreach among our members in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda. We are thankful many of our friends and members along with their families were spared from this terrible disaster. However, as a result of this outreach, we heard of heartbreaking stories directly from our very own RMHS Global and members whose relatives and families were hit by this historic deluge.

On this Thanksgiving week when many are still celebrating life's abundance and blessings, the RMHS Global Leadership Team and me are personally thinking of them all whose lives were devastated by this natural calamity. The stories of friends, relatives and families are touching. They are also awe-inspiring as our fellowmen showed us the lessons of faith, great courage and resiliency. The power of the human spirit lives on. With your HELP, we can GIVE HOPE as the Yolanda survivors rebuild and regain the dignity of life and the difficult path to normal living.

In the aftermath of Yolanda, the most touching scenes were those whose thousands of lives were taken in a tragic way. We pray their souls to rest in peace. Those who survived were left with nothing. As they picked up their lives back, basic life support such as food and water are scarce. Others want to leave the center of this epic calamity to be safe and find refuge away from their homes of many years. I personally can’t fathom the overwhelming feelings, pain or the devastation. But, what I see clearly are ravaged areas, including the thought of our members’ relatives and families, with no shelter for themselves and especially for their kids. Such devastation make me personally pray for more miracles, more helping hands to HELP, and soon!

While the international relief was unprecedented and many individuals, companies and countries have stormed the Philippines with love and support, there is so much life and property damages that relief efforts are not reaching directly everyone yet. Given the magnitude of this disaster, healing and rebuilding will take time. We need more helping hands to lift the survivors up from the aftermath of this deluge. The scenes are so heartbreaking, so would you HELP turn this historic deluge into HOPE for the Yolanda survivors?

As Mother Teresa said, “If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” Even if we can only HELP DIRECTLY a few dozen or so families, the RMHS Global family and friends would be thankful we have done something to HELP and GIVE HOPE. However, since our volunteer nonprofit organization also has limited resources, we need all of you, collectively as one with us, in our efforts to HELP and GIVE HOPE to our own members' families and loved ones.

On behalf of the RMHS GLOBAL Leadership Team, we ask your generous hearts to join in our collective efforts to directly HELP and GIVE HOPE to our very own RMHS families and relatives. We understand many of you have donated to other organizations. We hope that you would still consider to HELP and GIVE HOPE, this time for the benefit of our own RMHS community of friends and families. Your financial donation and other assistance will directly benefit families and relatives of RMHS Global and members desperately needing your help. Every cent goes to the Haiyan/Yolanda survivors!

May we count on you again to HELP and GIVE HOPE as soon as possible, or before Christmas? Thank you for your continued support. God bless everyone!

Donations may be sent to the following:

PayPal -

Wells Fargo (USA) - RMHS GLOBAL, Inc.
Account No. 5945946894

PSBank (Philippines) - Please contact Emelita Ediza Woods, Secretary-Treasurer, on how to send money via PNB and account details. Email her at

You may also contact the following Officers:

Apollo Bala (USA)
Dr. Arlyn Valencia (USA)
Eula Buan-Stein Canada
Teresa Bermudez V Canada
Fidel Castillo (Middle East)
Josephine Corrales-Osil (Middle East)
Bebot Z. Layug-Galvan (Philippines)
Robert Andres ( Geisha Rb (Philippines)
Richelle B. Maganda (Korea/Asia)


Imelda Roberts, Chair
RMHS Global, Inc.

Nov 23


August 24



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